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(Current update: Saturday, July 04, 2020)

The infamous Black Pig Border Morris perform dances from the English border counties with Wales of Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The dancers usually perform with painted faces and dark attire. The dances tend to be simpler than those from the Cotswolds but danced in a wilder style.

Black Pig Border have their own web pages here!

They have now produced two CDs, 'Roll a Ferret for Jesus!' and 'Three Sheets to the Wind' along with a DVD of their mummers play. Details are on the site.

I have my own 'alternative' Black Pig Border pages HERE! including:-
details of the first CD here and also the
Bumper Book of Bow Locks here
and personal tributes to Pigs who are no longer with us click here.

AND from 2010 there was the rock band The Undercovers!

The famous (well, since 1968!) Dolphin Morris Men of Nottingham, celebrated their fiftieth birthday in 2018. This makes them one of the oldest of the 'revival' style sides in the Nottingham/East Midlands area. The dances they perform come mostly from the Cotswold region of England and are predominantly performed by men wearing white clothing with ribbons, bells and generally colourful attributes. I danced with them from approx 1981 to 2001. Previously, I was a founder member (1972-76) of the now defunct Carlton Morris Men and an occasional member [1975-78] of the also defunct Clifton Grove Morris Men.

Dolphin MM have their own web pages here.

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