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Just a few thoughts to commemorate those individuals who have sadly flown the sty...

Carol Judson Carol was our oldest member for several years - a title she rejoiced in! This was typical of her, even in her 70s she was not afraind of being old - merely concerned about being too unfit to carry on and try new things, visit new places and go on new adventures. Earlier in 2016 she had had a bit of a health scare and even though (in her own words), "everything is failing" she was out with us at practice night a few days before her demise and on our 30th anniversary tour few weeks earlier - still banging the drum. Unfortunately, she died during an operation on her heart that was intended to give her more years. So, it is particlarly sad that she departed so suddenly and unexpectedly in December 2016.
544863_129707903827836_882787796_nsm.jpg Laura, or rather 'Ruby' as she was known to us, was unwell for some months without us realising there was a problem - and then it was too late. She first joined us a few years prior to her death but was unable to stay with us because of travelling and other domestic problems. It was therefore a surprise to be invited to dance at her wedding in 2011 but we were very glad to be able to welcome her back as a dancer in the months following. Ruby was a very busy person, so no one was too surprised she didn't appear every week, but we were greatly shocked to hear of her sudden death. She was a real 'live-wire', full of enthusiasm for everything new she tried. rubyflowers120930frompigsPhoto0592cropsm.jpg
lynn080104-2sm.jpg Lynn was a very special person to so many people. From the time she was first diagnosed with cancer she was only given a few weeks to live - albeit complaining to her doctor for many years! She stayed with us though for another 9 months - enough for us to give her several 'farewell parties'! She was someone who loved life but was equally reconciled with death - right to her very calm end. She danced with Black Pig for several years, and with our associated belly dance group, and was always the one people turned to for advice or help. She was our 'counsellor' and we greatly miss her calming influence. lynnspurplehaflacake071130-2sm.jpg
bpkathhsm.jpg Catherine was part of Black Pig for only a year or two before she died in a road accident. She was a very quiet person who loved bird watching. It was en route to some 'twitching' in Norfolk that she was involved in a head on collision. Our first music CD was dedicated to her and the opening and closing sequences contain some bird song in her memory. A number of her friends got together to arrange a tree planting at Carsington Water as a living memorial. The last time we visited, it was good to see the tree was doing well. catherinebrookingtree100304-3sm.jpg

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