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A rough, illustrated, guide to the former Uttoxeter Canal, and accompanying North Staffordshire Railway (LMS) Churnet Valley Line - and what they look like today.

By clicking the icon in the top left of the map window, you can select/deselect other options to view or click the icon top right to view full screen.

The complete photo album for this map is also viewable at viewable here.
You can 'right-click' and download copies of the route files .KML HERE or .GPX HERE.

The canal route is shown in blue and railway routes in purple . Lock locations are also shown in dark blue and milepost locations in black. Explore the map for further colours.

The route south from Froghall is through outstanding scenery down a narrow wooded valley which is totally free from road traffic. Even the nearby theme park of Alton Towers is inaudible. Of all my walks, this is one of the most exceptional and the first few miles would be utterly wonderful to travel through on a restored canal or railway. They are wonderful now, but a mere shadow of what they previously were and could be again.
From Denstone and the JCB factory, south towards Uttoxeter, the valley opens out and the rest of the route is through open country until the A50 and the town are reached.

I have found a number of websites with more information on the waterway and railway and their history. The following are just samples.
Follow these links for further information:- All links should open in a new tab.

For a historic map of the route, follow this link and then adjust the transparency on the slider scale to view the present day appearance:
Click Here for Historic Map

The best starting points are probably this, for the Uttoxeter Canal wiki, and
this generally for the Churnet Valley Line.

Similarly, these websites are the best places to look at the preservation, and restoration, work happening on the canal and railway respectively: Caldon & Uttoxeter Canals Trust. The Trust also have downloadable PDF walking leaflets. Click these links for the Uttoxeter-Denstone and Denstone-Oakamoor sections of the route.
(Thanks to Steve Wood and Peter Matthews of CUCT for information pinpointing lock and milepost locations.)

The Churnet Valley Railway,
also here for train ride bookings