10:30am 7th November 2000. The flood gates on the Erewash Canal just north of Trent Lock have just been put on after three hours effort removing underwater junk. There is already several inches difference in level and water can be seen pouring across the towpath into the fields alongside.


...at Mills Dockyard nearer Trent Lock everything is underwater. The drydock is overflowing as water comes from behind the sheds from right to left.

ĎMy drydock runneth over..... :-(((

....but moorings are still available!

Sadly the two chalets amongst the houseboats here are both inundated. You can see the very fast flow from the fields (sic) on the left to the fields (sic) on the right as well as water bubbling up beneath the woodwork on the left.

Similarly, the car parks behind the Trent Navigation Inn are a little damp. There are actually three cars in there!

This view was taken from the rear of one of the houseboats.

8th November 2000The front view is not much better - as the water runs OUT over the flood bank into the river.

Looking north from our mooring, things donít look too bad until one notices the fields are now full of water - and so is the towpath.

The Navigation garden - with the stern of a boat just visible on the landing stage behind the trees in the centre.

The play area....

...and looking south toward the river...

...where another boat lurks alongside the Erewash Canal entrance footbridge. In the distance behind the far right green signs one can just see the first of the wooden chalets where the River Soar starts. To the left is the Trent Valley Sailing Club - also inundated.

FLOODS AT TRENT LOCK 7/8/9 - 11 - 2000

Trent Lock viewed from further back - looking north.