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A rough, illustrated, guide to the former Louth Canal - and what it looks like today.

By clicking the icon in the top left of the map window, you can select/deselect other options to view or click the icon top right to view full screen.

The photos for this map are also viewable as an album here

The canal route is shown in blue and adjacent, former railways in purple .

The route is mostly walkable throughout on public footpaths - either on the banks of the navigation or nearby. However, my visit was only brief but I have tried to give a general impression of this waterway. Most of the locks occur within some three miles of Louth itself and Waterways World magazine published an article in April 2021 giving a good circular walk of around 6 miles, between Louth and Alvingham, covering most of the features. From Alvingham to Tetney the canal passes through mostly fenland with just the occasional old warehouse alongside. Unfotunately, at Tetney Lock - the last before the sea, the old lock before the pub has disappeared completely and all that remains are some relatively modern sluices, just downstream, which are reached by the tide. A subsequent article, in Narrow Boat magazine in Autumn 2021, covered more historic interest from ca.1920 and includes photos around Tetney Lock.

I have found a number of websites with more information on the waterway and its history. The following are just samples.
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For a historic map of the route, follow this link and then adjust the transparency on the slider scale to view the present day appearance:
Click Here for Historic Map

The best starting point is probably this wikipedia entry this wikipedia entry

This website is for the Louth Navigation Trust who wish to restore the waterway.