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A rough, illustrated, guide to the former Kingston-on-Soar gypsum railway branch of the midland mainline and what it looks like today.

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The Flickr photos for this map are also viewable at

I have found a number of websites with more information on the railway, its history and its rolling stock.
Follow these links for further information:- All links should open in a new tab.

For a historic map of the route, follow this link and then adjust the transparency on the slider scale to view the present day appearance:
Click Here for Historic Map

A concise history of the branch is here The first photos show the Westleake mine (terminus). The second photo in the group down the page; 'quaint crossing' is taken from up the bank of the MR near the bridge visible in the next 2 photos. The loco at this point is about to cross the curved bridge over the Kingston Brook. To the right can be seen two spurs; the first to the engine shed and the second was the original route to the boat loading wharf on the River Soar in the middle distance. In the mid 1980s much spilled gypsum was visible at the confluence of the Kingston Brook where it met the Soar at the wharf. All was then lost under the new flood banks built there. The fourth photo is obviously taken on the same day at the same time from the loco end of the train looking back at the bridge and the third is another view of the bridge. The fifth photo is of the brook bridge as it was until it was removed this last spring. The sixth photo shows the other crossing - a mere 200 yards along the road from the first - and the distinctive large tree that only was felled in the last few years - but the changes in tarmac on the road still remain!

This link tells more about the Lady Angela loco and I can positively state that she is on the ramp up to the interchange sidings at Kegworth Station.

The facebook group for the branch also has more recent info on the current whereabouts/state of this loco as well as other information and photographs. The facebook group is here:

Finally, this website is a snippet of actually the two railways into Gotham - the first 3 images being the Kingston branch and the latter two being at the Gotham branch's junction with the Great Central at East Leake and the second just outside Nottingham Victoria station on the Great Central again respectively.