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These pages are a result of personal, and family, photography over many decades, alongside images and information made freely available by others. The aim is to make these pages the definitive weblist of the remaining inland working boat heritage.

For convenience, the galleries are losely grouped as follows:

BARGES (and other wide boats and related craft over a nominal 7ft beam)

NARROW BOATS (and other narrow carrying craft - including historic tugs and ice boats)

WORKBOATS Maintenance Boats of all sizes, Wide Beam Tugs of all ages and modern narrow beam tugs.
These are the rarely documented craft which keep everything working...

It may seem odd to include these in a site dedicated to historic craft, but todays modern all too often becomes tomorrow's lost history, so here is my attempt to keep the record straight.

Unnamed craft that I failed to identify. PLEASE HELP with these.
Any info to the webmaster - email link on the left margin.

Please help fill in any gaps in the names and numbers or correct any errors. Photographs especially welcome - especially digital in TIFF, or JPG format 1000+ pixels wide - but we can cope with anything! Please email to the webmaster - link on menu frame on left of screen.