Deuchars Ales - the family link

deuchars IPA logo I am often asked if I am related to the beer: Deuchars IPA (multiple CAMRA award winner)

Well, the answer is yes and no!

The original Deuchars Ales was part of the family. This business was taken over by McEwans (who appropriated the Cavalier logo for themselves) and eventually became part of what is now Scottish Courage. (My part of the Deuchar family migrated to the East Midlands from Edinburgh in the early 1900s.)

deuchars IPA old logo Caledonian Brewery are an 'independent' who took over the 'Deuchars' name from Scottish Courage. Therefore the name is the same - but the line has been transferred and is not direct.

The next answer is, "Yes, I am very fond of the stuff!"