The Waterways Science Group (WSG) has been formed by interested parties for research into all aspects of inland waterways. It is an independent, single-source information exchange for academic, and academic-related staff in institutions, and individuals with relevant scientific backgrounds and knowledge.

Historically, inland waterway research has been ad hoc, limited and lacking in central correlation and guidance. For example, many local authorities struggle to understand the social, heritage and environmental implications of navigable inland waterways in their areas. A variety of conflicts between users and statutory bodies have shown the need for cohesive, and wholly independent, research.

The prime objective of the WSG is therefore to provide a research pool of experienced scientists to answer, and further research in, all questions relating to inland waterways. WSG members act as independent advisers and consultants for bodies such as British Waterways, The Waterways Trust, Developers, Local Authorities, The Environment Agency and English Heritage. It is intended that the WSG should be self-funding after the intial setup costs. The publication of research papers and reports is to be encouraged in appropriate journals, and material placed in the public domain wherever possible

The interdisciplinary nature of much of this work requires the integration of a broad range of specialists within the general subject area of inland waterways. Prospective members are sought from the following disciplines (in no particular order and not limited to):

The initial objectives are:

If you can help with any of the above, please see our contacts page or use the email link on the left. This includes help with the website, which will be expanded to provide source material and other information.