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To summarise work-wise, I was always on the lookout for something new: On being made redundant in the 'noughties', after nearly three decades at the University of Nottingham, I decided to go it alone, with a mixture of consultancy, private science tutition and, in the absence of anything else, lorry driving.

The lorry driving may seem a bit strange compared with the rest of my (largely office or academic) working life, but I had briefly been an agency van driver in the 1970s - so it seemed a logical 'fall back' step at which I could always earn a few bob! Accordingly I have 'Dr Pig's Trucking Blog' and also started a new 'road issues' reporting site called "BadRoads" but, following retirement, this latter is not being regularly updated.

Social networking seems to be de-rigeur these days for job-seekers, and for a while I was registered on a variety of jobs sites, but I am now closing down mypublic profiles on these.

Additionally, back in 2003 I founded the Waterways Science Group to tie in my long-standing interest in navigable waterways with some new research work and some consultancy. This didn't taken off as I had hoped but I am gradually expanding the website nevertheless.

I have also tried to make some use of my barely touched teaching certificate by doing some private tutoring. However, to say that Physics (and science generally) is a subject in demand, there wasn't much call for it locally!

Nevertheless, in my private life, I seem to be quite successful in teaching ritual dance! This included a 'film/tv' opportunity to demonstrate/act a part as an 'extra' with a high profile American actress in the Sky Atlantic series 'Hit & Miss' .

Personal Publications and Projects: I have also been involved in various research projects and contributed, as an author, on research papers as well as other publications of my own. In 2003 I completed my own research project on  The detection and measurement of vehicular hydrogen sulphide.
I have a long standing personal interest in inland waterways and formed the 'Waterways Science Group' specifically to look at this wide ranging subject area. Look here for more information.
My wife, Jan, is a qualified, advanced signwriter and works primarily on canal boat decoration. Go to Jan's pages from here  if you have an interest in these English, inland waterway, crafts.
My mother, Mary Ellis, was an accomplished, and recognised watercolour artist and I am maintaining an on-line gallery of her work, including that for sale, at

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