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Based in the Erewash Valley on the southern Derby/Notts border, The Undercovers are a classic rock & roll & pop/ rythm & blues 'covers' band having done all sorts of stuff from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or whatever! Our aim is to provide stuff that people enjoy dancing to and partying along with.

Currently the band is mothballed as half the band decided to go and do their own thing (it was always predictable with an age range of 43 years!) so the rest of us - including some former members have been meeting in up in unadvertised locations to do other stuff - I like to think of it as 'The Undercovers - Unplugged'. Long may it continue...

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Cheers! from Chris (the bass)   =   chris (at) the-undercovers.co.uk  :  07779 329 596

This was The Undercovers 2013 list - from old standards to punk... Oh, and the name reflects the fact that it is primarily a 'covers' band, geddit? :-)
The 2013 List....
...vastly different from the 2012 list lower down.
First half...
Second half...
Wishing Well
Enter the Sandman
You really got me
Can't get enough of your love
All right now
Living after midnight
Teenage kicks

All Day and All of the Night
Summer of 69
Crazy train
Knocking on heaven's door
Highway to hell
House of the rising sun
Sharp dressed man
2-4-6-8 motorway
Whole lotta Rosie
Usual break time...
...unless we're doing a short set supporting something else...

22-6-13 We will be playing at the Gate Inn Awsworth on 6th June as part of the Gate's Armed Forces Day
7-4-13 We will be having a 'try out' gig at Nottingham Yacht Club to put the new set list through its paces. It'll be rough round the edges (I expect).
17-03-13 Another 6 under our belts at the Greyhound...
-02-13 Getting about, showing our faces, down the Greyhound again for another 7 numbers... working our way up to half a set? ...:-)
15-12-12 We were playing at the Gate Inn Awsworth on 15th December as part of the Gate's second anniversary celebrations!
-11-12 Getting about, showing our faces, doing stuff...:-)
14-10-12 Finally made it out to the Greyhound in Beeston for a sesh. First time out for three-quarters of us...
Did 5 numbers and later asked to do more... so we couldn't have been that bad!
After our break, yes, we're about to go back out there again with the new line up. Now with Ady on vocals, Stefan on guitar and Aaron on drums. We are still doing many of the old favourites; the current set is shown below, but this is looking to change considerably over the next couple of months as we weed out the less favourite ones and introduce some new.
12th May, Nottingham Yacht Club Rally, Cranfleet Lock, Long Eaton, Notts NG10 2FQ
After our break, we were back there again but with a substantially different line up: Chris on bass, Frazer on guitar, Steve on drums & Tim on vocals. Still doing many of the old favourites but with a number of changes and additions in the new set.

Download a poster for this gig by clicking on the thumbnail on the right!

Black Pig Border performed at the same venue on the Sunday afternoon.

  We had a break for a while due to two band members having other commitments until early in 2012. However, we will be back soon - with new guitarist (or bass player or drummer!), because Jon decided to join another embryonic band. We wish him luck :-)
15th October, Black Pig's 25th anniversary bash, with Shamus O'Blivion and the Megadeath Morrismen, not as previously adertised at Somercotes, but back at the NYC. NG10 2FQ -ish. This went very well. We didn't realise at the time but this would be the last gig with our present line up (see drivel above...).
The 'secret' end of September gig was a successfully closely guarded 50th birthday bash - once again at the NYC (We must get out more!). A reasonable turnout, and much quaffing of beer by the audience, ensured that we were well received and were persuaded to do 'extra' encores.
14th May, Nottingham Yacht Club Rally, Cranfleet Lock, Long Eaton, Notts NG10 2FQ
A good gig - could have done with a few more people but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Some dancers and some people really into it - surprisingly some of the youngest were also the keenest! Theresa complimented on singing. We were also complimented on how 'tight' we were! Gosh, must be getting the hang of it after all! The set of course is longer now - to the point where we have even dropped a couple of numbers...
9th April, Victoria Biker Pub, Coalville - as support act.
Potentially our most serious, and challenging, gig so far. A completely different audience from last week and we went on as the first of three bands - playing to a good sized bunch of people. Good audience feedback in terms of applause, and dancing, during the set and further complimentary comments from several members of the audience afterwards. We all enjoyed it too!
2nd April, New White Bull, Giltbrook, Notts (near IKEA!)
The audience was best described as 'sparse'. We played reasonably and the audience drifted in and out from the other bars. A few people danced and most people clapped - but all in all it wasn't terribly inspiring. Things always seem better when there are more than a dozen people in the room!
  Sat 22nd January. Slider's birthday bash at the Black Bull, Blidworth

  Sat 11th December 2010 - New White Bull, Giltbrook, Notts.
A freebie show for Natalie - our landlady host for our practices. Not a huge audience (the weather had been putting people of going out all week in the snow and ice) but we did possibly our best overall performance. Dancing in the aisles. Felt good! Everybody happy.
greyhound thumb Sun 5th December 2010 - Afternoon appearance at The Greyhound, Beeston, Notts
Part of our 'getting out there and doing stuff' plan. Did four numbers and got the audience jigging about a bit. Not perfect - but all good experience.
myc halloween pic 30th October 2010 - Nottingham Yacht Club Halloween Bash
New drummer (Steve) and no rythm guitar - in fact back to our original four-piece plan. Vast improvement on April's gig. Really felt we had got things together much better. Audience dancing almost right from the start and we went down a storm with lots of calls for more encores. Still a few minor errors - but nothing we didn't cover up. An excellent night.
nyc1thmb 3rd April 2010 - Nottingham Yacht Club
Our inaugural 'test' gig in front of a known audience.Chris on bass, Jon on lead guitar, Tony on rythm guitar, Richard on drums & Theresa on vocals. Could have been better. Could have been much worse! We did get people up and dancing - much to our pleasure - and got requests for an encore...

This was our 2012 LIST.
Now with 20% extra for the same bargain price! :-)
First half...
Second half...
Wishing Well
Johnny B Good
House of Rising Sun
Gimme All Your Lovin
Summer of 69
Red House
You Really Got Me
Green River
Get Back
Bad Moon Rising
I Saw Her Standing There

All Day and All of the Night
Back Magic Woman
Sharp Dressed Man
Proud Mary
Should I Stay or Should I Go
All Right Now
Lets Work Together
Mustang Sally
Rock Me Baby
Can't Get Enough of Your Love
Teenage Kicks

Roll Over Beethoven

Usual break time...
...unless we're doing a short set supporting something else...

If you got here via the Black Pig Border web pages you will have sussed we are a spin off from that group. A lot of the Black Pig venues are rock pubs and bike rallies. So, a couple of us decided we had to revisit our rock & roll roots...