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WORK: Chris Deuchar's work pages are now at but to summarise:-
I am now retired but, after 28 years in academia at the University of Nottingham, I was made redundant from a job I always enjoyed. In 2017 I started a retrospective blog about my times there as The Country Diary of an Electronics Technician.
Following redundancy, in 2007, I decided to go it alone with a mixture of consultancy, private science tutition and, in the absence of anything else, lorry driving. As it turns out lorry driving was pretty good and low stress for a chilled out person like me :-) See Dr Pig's Trucking Blog here I also started a new 'road issues' reporting site at but, following retirement, this latter is not being regularly updated.
In 2003 I founded the Waterways Science Group to tie in a long-standing interest in navigable waterways. This never developed as I hope it would but I am still gradually developing this as a resource.
Post retirement, for a year, I also made some use of my original teaching certificate through private tuition with an appropriate agency.

PUBLICATIONS AND PROJECTS: Whilst at the University of Nottingham, I was involved in various research projects and contributed to RESEARCH PAPERS and  WORK PROJECTS.
On a personal and private basis, I have written non-academic books and designed badges and logos, on a non-profit making stance, for the various organisations I have belonged to. PERSONAL PUBLICATIONS - link

HOBBIES: I have other web pages for my principal hobbies which revolve around :-

INLAND WATERWAYS - click on the link for more, as there is stuff in there about living on boats, historic stuff and more links than below...
FAMILY SALES PAGE!!!: Boating stuff, Bike Bits, Books and Bric-a-Brac
My HISTORIC INLAND WORKING BOATS (HIWB) website. Also, please 'Like' the Facebook page here.
Inland Waterways Association - the primary volunteer organisation for the waterways.
Waterways Science Group - my own special interest group.
For more general information at other sites, start with this generic WATERWAY link
BORDER MORRIS Dancing - pretty indescribable really. Black Pig Border do so much apart from the dancing - which forms a surprisingly small part of the whole social group. There are music sessions, plus the large number of events we join in with, the bands, the mummers plays, the motor biking, the Isle of Man , the camping, the beer hunting..... I have a few of my own Black Pig pages here.
For more general information at other sites, start with this Wikipedia entry for MORRIS DANCING or this Morris Dances site or explore the DOOMD (Directory Of Online Morris Dancers) .
MOTORCYCLING - started as a teenager as soon as I could get my licence. Then got married, boat, car, divorced, another boat, remarried, another car, another boat, children, several vans and four more bikes, 2 of which I still have. Follow the links for more...
Oh, and did I mention the Isle of Man ?
MUSIC - from spontaneous folk and acoustic sessions to classic rock music. Gradually I am putting my whole music career here, including an appearance at the Royal Festival Hall...
The rock band, "The Undercovers" (currently 'unplugged') was another Black Pig spinoff. However, I am now bass player for - an Americana orientated band.
WALKS & EXPLORATIONS - Click the link to view a mixture of Waterway Walks, Railway Walks & Other Explorations. Some of these are fully described walks whilst others are just about places we have visited and documented.

My wife, Jan, shares many of these interests - and is also an accomplished signwriter and canal boat decorator. Go to JAN'S PAGES from here  if you have an interest in these english, inland waterway, crafts.
Our son, Jacob, is a professional film maker and event photographer.
However, he is currently working voluntarily as described on the International Movie Database (IMDb) here and also on game design here
Our son, Joseph,  is a 'Technical Artist', working in computer game design.

Currently he is Technical Art Director with 'King Digital Entertanment' in Barcelona, Spain (since 2015).

My mother, Mary Ellis, was an accomplished, and recognised WATERCOLOUR artist and I am maintaining an on-line GALLERY of her work HERE. You can also purchase some of the many watercolour paintings for sale. There are many more in stock besides these, as I still haven't had time to catalogue everything. Please ask if you are looking for something in particular.
DEUCHARS ALES: the family link  - click the link or logo to find out more.

Incidentally, please note, my name does NOT have an 's' on the end - although these web pages, and our email addresses all DO! This is primarily because the domain name without the 's' had already been taken and, in our case, the plural seemed ok anyway. Cheers.

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