Waterway & Railway, Walks & Other Explorations

This is the index page to a variety of walks and explorations some, but not all, of which may be available by other links on this site. They are grouped into 'Waterway', 'Railway' and 'Other Explorations' categories - although some areas of each may fit into other groups!

The Caldon Canal at Endon - a exploration and investigation of previous routes of this canal branch in Staffordshire

The Nottingham Canal: the 'unexpurgated' version of the Waterways World articles.

The Nutbrook Canal - a branch canal of the Erewash Canal in Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire.

The Oxford Canal: Wolfampcote Loop

The Regents Canal Towpath Walk (1975 - 2Mb pdf)   Using Firefox, this PDF doesn't always display correctly - you may need to use a different browser or right-click and download the file.

The Gotham railways - including some tramways and the former GCR branch.

The Isle of Man - railway walks (+coastal & inland).

The Kingston-on-Soar Railway - branch to West Leake and Gotham.

The Wirral Way (Birkenhead Railway)

The Isle of Man - coastal, inland and railway walks.

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