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This page is dedicated to getting rid of some of the rammel we have accumulated over the years. Its not a shop or commercial thing - its all our own junk:-( Prices shown are a guide and so feel free to try and haggle over multiple items and so on. Postage and packing will be charged at cost. Some items may be on ebay at first (or later!) and so an ebay link may replace the price. Nb. In all cases an ebay sale will override a sale here - so please check ebay listings first!

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I have literally shed loads to add here whenever I get the time.

This small winch is suitable for boat, trailer or truck use. Originally it was off the foredeck of an old wooden cruiser and was used for raising the anchor. Notably, the side plates are also made of wood and the bearings for the gears are set in metal sleeves in the wooden sides. In its original form, the anchor chain passed over the chain pulley, in the foreground, and then through the deck pipe to the chain locker below. There is a built in ratchet/lock (visible). The gear train is all metal (as you would expect) except the chain pulley is also made of wood. Depending on your needs, you might want to replace this - or maybe make new metal sides and have a completely metal job?

I have no idea of its capacity but gut feeling is that you would expect the anchor on this boat to have been in the 25-30 Kg region - but this is not a statement of fact. Indeed, I am sure the gear train is capable of much heavier work than this. However, if you are unsure of anything please ask before committing yourself. Inspection invited. Size is about 14" high by 9" wide by 11" deep. The windlass square is ~3/4" across. 20.00

Collection only
One pint miniature tinplate water can (Buckby can). Not galvanised - decorative item only. New and painted as in photo. Good condition with roses and castles style narrowboat decoration on a tiny version of a traditional item that is not easily obtainable these days.
P&P 3.50
Half gallon galvanised water can (Buckby can). New, unused, as in photo. Good condition. Perfect for roses and castles style narrowboat decoration on a traditional style item that is not easily obtainable these days. Height overall 12.5 inches, body height 8 inches, base diameter 7 inches - approximate dimensions. 22.00
P&P 4.50
Danforth-type anchor to suite cruiser or other small boat. Approx 10kg weight would suit vessel up to about 25ft-ish. Very good condition - just 'shop-soiled'. 20.00
P&P tbc
Approx 1gallon capacity oil can. Has flexible spout for filling those awkward spaces! 10.00
P&P tbc
Pair of solid-tyred wheels on solid steel axle. The wheels are approx 6" (150mm) diameter and the axle is approx 1" (25mm) diameter and about 20" (0.6m) long. They are similar to what you might expect from a wheelie bin - but rather sturdier. Axle easily shortened if required. 10.00
P&P on request
Solid brass opening porthole (=scuttle). Approx 12" (300mm) diameter overall (Detailed measurements on request). All brass except closing screw which is operated by a large steel nut. Price shown is way below what you would expect to pay for a new item of similar standard. Unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice - it really does polish up readily to nice shiny brass!
Signwritten Art by A.J. Lewery (Hardback, 1989) Brand NEW Copy.

A study of signwritten art which bridges the gap between popular and serious art in varying degrees. It seeks to define signwritten art and present a history of the subject to the present day.

ISBN-10 0715392735
ISBN-13 9780715392737

Table Of Contents Some definitions; holy writ to signwriting - a short history of the business; two boys is half a boy - training for the trade; the lettering - ancient Rome to Blackpool Pier; tricks and treatments - clothing the bare bones; stimulating simulation - pure gold to mack marble; survivals on water and in the fairground; crossroads or dead end? - the tradition today.

Flowers Afloat: by A.J. Lewery (Hardback, 1996) Brand NEW Copy

A celebration of the traditional style of paintwork which adorns British narrow boats, and of the lives and work of the artists who created it. The book gives an explanation of the designs and motifs which characterize this branch of folk art.

ISBN-10 0715301454
ISBN-13 9780715301456

Table Of Contents Boats, boatmen and wives 1760-1860; the Rose and the Castle picture; origins, possible, probable and problematic; the professional painters - all in a day's work; boatmen painters; the unconventioneal tradition; blue and yellow, and the souvenir disease.

Tales from the Old Inland Waterways by E Corrie (Hardback, 1998) Brand NEW Copy

A brief history of the development of Britain's river and canal navigation system provides a background for these reminiscences. A group of men and women recall their working years on the waterways. Also included are such associates of the canal trade as the dredgers, lock-keepers and blacksmiths.

ISBN-10 0715305425
ISBN-13 9780715305423

Table Of Contents George Trevithick of Keadby, Humberside - towage contractor and marine engineer; Harry and Sarah Bentley of Scholar Green, Cheshire - potteries boating; Tom Kelly of Runcorn, Cheshire - ship canal tug skipper; George Wood of Kingswinford, West Midlands - Staffs and Worcs Canal dredger driver; Violet Moulds of Thurmaston, Leicestershire - long-distance boating; Jack Strange of Ellesmere, Shropshire - blacksmith; Thomas Tyson of Ardrishaig, Argyll - carpenter and lock gate builder; Joe Safe of Birmingham - from oil boatman to lock keeper; Bill and Rose Whitlock with Laura Carter, Braunston, Northamptonshire - boating 'til the last; Bill Dean of Newport, Shropshire - canal inspector.

Narrow Boats by Tom Chaplin (Paperback, 1997) Brand NEW Copy

An much expanded (after several intermediate generations!) version of the original small paperback book from the 1960s.

ISBN-10 1873580347
ISBN-13 9781873580349

Includes descriptions of the different builds of boat, boat builders, decoration, working practices - in fact the best grounding you could have to learn about the original working narrow boats characterising the English narrow canals.

Cabin Crochet of the Inland Waterways by Janet M Reeve. A short history of crochet work relating to the tradtional english narrow boat. Includes ten traditional patterns. Brand new copy, ex-shop stock. A5 portrait size, 26 pages. Copyright 1989. 3.50
P&P 2.50
Roses and Castles by Robert J Wilson. A small but detailed history of traditional narrow boat decoration with many fine photographic examples and illustrations. Brand new copy, ex-shop stock. A5 landscape size, 48 pages. Published 1976. 3.50
P&P 2.50
Speedometer cable - believed for Yamaha XS650. Bought in error - will confirm model later... 5.00
P&P 2.00
The original Guinness internet T-shirt. This is from before the days when everybody knew about the internet and I just happend to pick up on an early promotion as it was within my area of work at the time. The important thing to note is the web address This is from a time (late 1980s/early 90s?) when even the big players didn't have their own web domains and had to 'piggy-back' on one of the then common ISPs. It is white with a slightly faded logo and some slight discolouration around the collar due to ageing. Got to be worth at least a tenner to some other geek.... sorry, I mean 'collector of Guinness memorabilia'. :-)
SPACEBALLS The Sweatshirt. A very special & rare item - especially in this condition. This is one of only 500 special edition sweatshirts that were supposedly have been commisioned by Mel Brookes himself for the cast and crew on completion of the original Spaceballs spoof comedy. Mine came from a friend who had a relative on the crew who obtained a few for friends & family. An important 'feature' of these sweatshirts is that when washed they turn blue - because they are not 'dye-fast'. I wore this one only once and it has been kept bagged up ever since - rather a waste I feel when there is probably some collector of film memorabilia out there who is yearning for it? It is surely yet another Mel Brookes joke that the label says 'Do Not Dry Clean'! Anyway, lets start the bidding at 100... May the Schwartz be with You!
Aluminium jam pan. Great big traditional pan for home made jam/preserves or for mechanics to wash oily bits in :-) 20.00
P&P tbc
Approx. 1 gallon Bells Whisky bottle. Ideal for displaying stones, coloured glass, beads etc (spirits?). Offers?
P&P reluctantly.
Cisco systems Linksys 4-port cable/dsl router model BEFSR41. Includes cables shown, power supply, manual/leaflet, setup disk etc. 10.00